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Rudy's Rescue
Book One

  a Tails to Tale story
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 Rudy's Rescue  BOOK 1:

When Manny Williams loses his dog Charlie halfway through 6th grade, he decides the Universe is against him and resigns to sleep his life away. But his mother, Esperanza, isn't going to have it. Her son needs a replacement dog, it's that simple.  
To Manny, it's not that simple. Not just any dog will do!

The family finds a neglected Airedale at the local shelter scheduled to be euthanized. The shelter owner nasty Bob thought the dog’s “back-door explosions" hilarious and deemed Rudy unadoptable.

Rudy’s marble eyes and comical smile inspired Manny to convince Bob and his parents taking Rudy home will be worth it.


How could Manny have known Rudy's stinky presence would change everything and help him discover the Universe may not be the bad guy after all.